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The rental cart is a prepackaged web site with a complete list of options that manage the type of integration between our back office rental platform and the web cart.

Orion Software
Orion Software
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To improve your business during this difficult time, you can provide a Web Cart to your customers in less than two hours. Orion Software offers a free two-month trial for going online with your webportal. It takes two hours to set it up for free. With the complexity of doing business face-to-face, you can continue to rent your equipment online and keep your business running. You can also offer account payments online with statement of accounts. 

Our web cart can be added to your website to redirect your customers to your customized cart and download our mobile app. Once you have the mobile app installed, you can send notifications to promote your products. You can select the look by uploading your logo and your own images. It’s a complete solution working in real-time. 

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