Retractable Traffic Bollards and Barriers

Retractable Bollard 11
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Reliance Foundry offers a unique range of retractable bollards which provide roadway and pathway definition in places where changing vehicle and pedestrian access is required.

  • Deter intrusion, divert traffic and define routes or roadways
  • Collapsible or telescopic bollards for applications where frequent or quick lowering or collapsing of the bollard post is necessary
  • Steel and stainless steel retractable bollard designs with complimentary fixed and removable bollards for consistent site appearance when using multiple bollard types
  • Collapsible or telescopic bollards consist of a permanently installed receiver below grade with a top that is flush with the pavement
  • Collapsible bollard posts can be manually raised up from the receiver to allow access
  • Telescopic barriers include an integrated locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized removal
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