Escape-Rite Safe Descent Device

Compact, lightweight descent device used for emergency egress lowers the user to safety at a controlled rate

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RTC’s Escape-Rite is a compact, lightweight descent device. Used for emergency egress, the Escape-Rite lowers the user to safety at a controlled rate of descent. The device self-adjusts for each person’s weight, operating by gravity, without electricity or power.

  • 1003 Escape-Rite descends at about 3 ft. per second
  • 1006 Escape-Rite descend at about 6 ft. per second
  • Lengths range from 10 to 300 ft. 
  • Poly-steel cable is weather resistant
  • Each unit comes complete with an installation carabiner, two escape belts and a cable storage reel
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