Free Disaster Relief Online Training Course

Professionals involved in Hurricane Sandy and other disaster relief efforts can take ClickSafety's online disaster awareness course for free

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In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the massive disaster relief efforts it will require, ClickSafety, a leading provider of online safety training, is offering its disaster awareness course for contractors, Safety and Health During Disaster Recovery, free of charge. The
free course is available to any contractor directly involved in disaster recovery efforts for Hurricane Sandy, or any other event requiring relief efforts.

Safety and Health During Disaster is a 35-minute online course which addresses OSHA’s position on the “Dangers Associated with Cleanup and Recovery from Hurricanes”.

Designed to promote safety and health for construction, general industry and other workers such as hazardous materials responders, the course reviews topics presented in OSHA’s position to include cleanup and recovery tasks and safe work practices to prevent injury, illness and potential death. Initially drafted to respond to hurricanes, the information presented in Safety and Health During Disaster also relates to other cleanup and recovery operations to both natural and man-made disasters.

In addition to its Safety and Health During Disaster course, ClickSafety also offers courses pertaining to the most common OSHA-identified hazards during disaster recovery by including topics such as mold restoration, electrical hazards, demolition hazards and others.

Register for the free Safety and Health During Disaster course or find for more information on other disaster recovery-related courses.