Safe Driving App Now Available with Sprint Direct Connect

FleetSafer app promotes responsible driving by detecting when device is moving and suppressing audible alerts when in safe mode

Aegis Mobility, a leading provider of software to help prevent work place distracted driving, announced that its FleetSafer application, which promotes responsible driving, is now available on Kyocera DuraCore, DuraXT, DuraMax and DuraPlus phones with Sprint Direct Connect.

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“Sprint’s business customers equip more than one million employees with Sprint Direct Connect devices; a large percentage of whom are also equipped with keys to company vehicles,” said Paul Zimmerman, CEO of Aegis Mobility. “Now, for the first time ever, FleetSafer offers these employers a simple solution to help reduce crashes and minimize risk by assisting employee compliance with company-defined safe driving policies.”

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When installed on Kyocera Direct Connect-enabled phones, FleetSafer automatically detects when the device is moving and displays a “Safe Mode” curtain on the exterior and interior screen serving as an active reminder of existing policy. Additionally, when in “Safe Mode,” FleetSafer suppresses audible alerts associated with inbound calls and monitors the physical manipulation of the device, including “flip open” and “flip closed” and pressing of the “end key.” The result is that employee drivers are reminded of a company policy and companies are automatically monitoring and measuring driver compliance.

FleetSafer is now available from Sprint’s direct sales team and monthly fees for the service appear on the Sprint bill.

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