Lafarge Kicks Off 4th Annual Health & Safety Month

A variety of programs and demonstrations will acknowledge achievements

RESTON, VA -- Lafarge North America kicked off its 2011 Health & Safety Month, the annual celebration of Lafarge's enduring commitment to health and safety. During the month of June, Lafarge plants and facilities across North America and around the world will acknowledge their achievements and build health and safety awareness through a variety of programs and demonstrations, access to on-site health and wellness professionals, field days and community events that promote health and safety beyond the workplace.

Eight of the 18 North American business units have been admitted into the Lafarge Group's Health & Safety Excellence Club, which honors those business units worldwide that maintain a total injury frequency rate of less than 10, and a lost time injury frequency rate of less than one for every million man-hours worked.

This year's Health & Safety Month theme is "transportation and mobile equipment safety," and many of the month's events will focus on vehicular safety. This year's theme can be applied to everyone across all walks of life, making the month's programming especially relevant to participants, who are encouraged to share the lessons they learn with friends and family.

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