Dust Control DustBoss DB-100 Fusion

Provides a powerful atomized mist with a range of 100 meters and up to 140,000 sq. ft. of coverage area

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The DustBoss DB-100 Fusion dust control system features a powerful atomized mist design with a range of 100 meters and the ability to deliver 140,000 sq. ft. of coverage area.

  • 60-hp electric fan motor coupled with 10-90 psi of inlet water pressure run through a booster pump achieve pressures as high as 250 psi total
  • Standard machine fed by a manifold of 30 nozzles
  • Inlet stream shattered into millions of tiny droplets in the 50- to 200-micron range, capable of suppressing fugitive dust particles in most cases
  • Offers simple, user-defined oscillation and adjustable elevation from -7º to 45º.
  • Powered by a 480V /150-KW generator with a John Deere 6.8-liter, Tier 3 flex diesel engine mounted on one of several dual-axle trailer options with stabilizing jacks
  • Can be outfitted with a dosing pump to accurately meter in surfactants or tackifiers to further enhance binding of dust particles
  • Custom oscillation range can be set via touch screen controls
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