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Orlaco's RadarEye combines a camera-monitor system with an active signaling system by emitting audible tones when people, machines and other objects appear in close proximity to the vehicle.

  • For earthmoving, heavy construction, mining and commercial vehicles
  • Detection radius adjustable from 6.5 to 65.5 ft. and divided into five equal zones
  • Camera allows driver to maintain a maximum view around the machine or vehicle
  • Water, shock and vibration resistant and not influenced by the environment
  • Operator can program sensitivity in the monitor
  • Monitor shows overlay of green, yellow and red signal zones with audible urgency increasing as person or object moves through the red zone
  • Radar units and camera mount on the back of off-road equipment on a specially designed mounting bracket
  • Monitor comes with a fully adjustable clamp bracket that is mounted in the cabin

Video: Orlaco RadarEye for Off-road Machines

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