Sustainable Construction Magazine Helps Contractors Profit from "Green"

New Cygnus Business Media publication explores the competitive advantages in energy-saving and environmental construction practices

Fort Atkinson, WI (December 20, 2010) – Citing the need to build community around the issue of best practices in sustainable construction, Cygnus Business Media and the Cygnus Construction Network launched Sustainable Construction magazine.

Targeted at construction contractors, Sustainable Construction is the go-to source for helping contractors better understand LEED certification, learn about energy-saving and environmental practices when building infrastructure, and learning to make the most out of recycled materials in all types of construction.

"We are so proud and excited to bring Sustainable Construction to the construction marketplace," says Nancy Terrill, publisher of Sustainable Construction. "Knowledge in every aspect of sustainable building practices and processes is a must to be competitive in today's market. Simply put, our goal is to help contractors understand the ways these practices can help their business."

Another key mission of Sustainable Construction is to debunk many myths surrounding sustainability, including:

  • Does sustainability come at the cost of performance?
  • Sustainable practices are too costly for my business.
  • Sustainability is a huge concept, where do I begin?

Sustainable Construction is made possible through the involvement of Caterpillar Inc., which has offered its financial support and insight to elevate the issue of sustainability and, in concert with the Cygnus Construction Network, develop a forum where other industry stakeholders can participate in a meaningful way.

"Certainly the marketplace is seeing an increase in sustainable projects and having a vehicle to educate contractors on the products and practices needed to compete for these projects is crucial," Terrill adds. "Couple that with helping contractors convert these sustainable practices into bottom-line growth opportunities and what you have is a magazine that arrives at just the right time."

Sustainable Construction is a quarterly publication which features three digital publications – complete with imbedded video, audio and other rich media tools to deliver content – in addition to a print product (produced with soy ink on recycled paper) slated for late-Summer of 2011.

To learn more about Sustainable Construction magazine, visit them on the web at, click on the Sustainable Construction tab at, or follow us on Facebook Twitter or LinkedIn.

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