Contractors Have Little Confidence Congress Will Prevent Fiscal Cliff in 2013

89% of contractors give congress a 50% or less chance of passing legislation to prevent another fiscal cliff in 2013; 62% say it's a less than 20% chance

On Monday we asked: "What chance do you give the lame-duck 112th U.S. Congress of passing legislation that will prevent another fiscal cliff late next year?"

Here's what you said:

  • 62% - Less than 20% chance
  • 10% - 21% to 30% chance
  • 10% - 31% to 40% chance
  • 7% - 41% to 50% chance
  • 3% - 51% to 60% chance
  • 7% - More than 60% chance


The poll allowed users to tell us why they estimated chances the way they did. Because most gave bad odds for success, here are some of their reasons for pessimism:

  • 'Because of partisan politics'
  • 'Because they are a bunch of idiots!'
  • 'Same players, same bull-headedness from White House. Nothing has changed'
  • 'Common sense has got to prevail, evenually. Dosen't it?'
  • 'Too late to make a difference'
  • 'Because only half of the politicians are trying to prevent the cliff; the other half are pointing fingers and doing nothing'
  • 'It's fairly important, but they seem more concerned with arguing than resolving he issues'
  • 'No one wants to fix the problems, only put bandaid on to take credit for the fix when really they have pushed back and made it someone else's problem!'

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