Washington Governor Signs $8.7 Billion Transportation Budget with Vetoes

New budget retains road maintenance spending, but veto stops spending to plan the I-5 Columbia River crossing until the construction can be funded

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signed an $8.7 billion transportation budget Monday that keeps money flowing toward maintaining state roadways and existing big-ticket projects.

But he vetoed dozens of sections, including a proposal to spend $81 million planning a replacement bridge over the Columbia River that would extend Interstate 5 connecting Portland and Vancouver, Wash.

"There is no wisdom in expending these funds if the state of Washington does not contribute adequate funding to actually build the bridge," he said before vetoing the section. "We all need to understand a central fact. This project needs to be funded this year. There is no other option."

The budget continues funding for the Alaskan Way Viaduct tunnel project, a replacement bridge for State Route 520 over Lake Washington and high-occupancy lanes on Interstate 5 in Tacoma.

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