Detroit-Metro Council Approves $2.6 Billion Widenings of I-94, I-75

Sprawl opponents continue to work against projects that won't begin any earlier than 2016 on I-75 and 2018 on I-94

The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments Commission voted 24-7 to approve a $2.3 billion project adding a traffic lane to Interstates 94 from Conner west to I-96, and I-75, from Eight Mile north to M-59. The overhauls include interchange improvements and overpass replacement.

The earliest work would begin is 2016 on I-75 and 2018 on I-94. The projects won't conclude until 2030 or later.

Opponents of the widening worry about greater highway access leading to even greater urban sprawl, the main cause of Detroit's economic demise.

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