Banks Investing Big in Infrastructure Despite Stalled Federal Plan

IFM Investors, Blackstone Group and Carlyle Group, who’ve raised billions to invest in US infrastructure, encourage states to move forward without federal funds

Some investors are already betting on U.S. infrastructure, even though the private-investment-based national plan championed by President Donald Trump has yet to materialize, according to Bloomberg.

Firms such as Australian-owned IFM Investors raised almost $500 million for an infrastructure-dedicated, open-ended debt fund and plans to raise a similar amount every year. Kentucky and Virginia retirement plans are among the fund’s investors.

Investment firms such as Blackstone Group and the Carlyle Group have also raised billions of dollars for infrastructure.  

Sadek Wahba, co-founder of I Squared Capital – a private equity firm that has raised $7 billion for global energy, utilities, transportation and telecommunications projects – told Finance & Commerce that U.S. states should proceed with their infrastructure projects and only turn to the feds for gap funding.

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