ACPA: Publication Describes Sustainability Features of Concrete Pavements

The 16-page special report discusses an overview of sustainability and describes key sustainability attributes of concrete pavement

The American Concrete Pavement Association has released a publication that provides updated information about the sustainability of concrete pavements.

"Green Roadways: Environmentally and Economically Sustainable Concrete Pavements" (SR385) is a 16-page special report that begins with a basic overview of sustainability, and then, describes key sustainability attributes of concrete pavement.

The publication is an excellent resource for those who want to gain a greater understanding of the fundamentals of sustainability, as well as the sustainability features associated with every phase of a concrete pavement's life. This report draws particular attention to the commonly overlooked use-phase factors, which significantly outweigh sustainability factors linked to design, construction, and maintenance of concrete pavements.

The publication includes sections that specifically cover the lower energy footprint; natural resource reduction; use of industrial byproducts such as fly-ash and slag cement; pavement renewal methods; and quiet surface textures.

It also describes how pervious concrete pavements can improve water quality; how concrete pavements are 100% recyclable; and how light-colored concrete pavements can reduce lighting requirements and mitigate urban heat-island effects and global cooling.

The publication is $30 for non-members or $7.50 for ACPA members. Additional shipping and handling charges apply.

The publication is available online at Members should log in to the members only section of the web before ordering. To place orders by phone, fax, or email, please contact Debbie Becker at 847-423-8710; by fax at 847-966-9970; or by email to