In-Depth ARTBA Transportation Outlooks for Key State Markets

Series of state economic outlooks that provide contractors and financial analysts with market intelligence

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The American Road and Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) today made available its 2013 “Texas Transportation Planning & Design Market Outlook Report,” the second in a series of in-depth state studies that provide industry firms and financial analysts with high-quality market intelligence and outlooks for use in business and investment planning.

The reports are compiled by ARTBA’s expert economics research team, which has over 35 years combined experience analyzing data and trends.

Utilizing key business indicators, source documents and personal interviews, the reports provide a look at the current trend and five-year forecast for state transportation department highway and bridge spending, planning and design work, and major airport construction. They offer a complete picture of the economic demographics, bond ratings and capacity, and innovative financing and procurement status in the state. The studies also outline the latest business requirements for planning and design firms looking to do work in that state as well as provide a comprehensive list of other firms already doing work in that market.

In addition to Texas, reports for Florida and California will be released in the coming months. They are available to ARTBA member firms for $5,000 each for Texas and Florida and $7,500 for California, or as a package of three for $16,000. Non-ARTBA members may purchase them for $6,000 each for Texas and Florida and $8,500 for California, or as a package of three for $19,000. The Kentucky report is available for free to sample upon request.

ARTBA will be rolling out a new series for other major state transportation construction markets throughout 2013.