Thalle Industries Mixing it Up for Charity

Thalle Industries decided to display its support for local non-profits on its two new concrete mixer trucks.

Thalle Industries supports its Elmsford location neighbors - the Paws Crossed Animal Rescue.
Thalle Industries supports its Elmsford location neighbors - the Paws Crossed Animal Rescue.
Thalle Industries

Thalle Industries is bringing more than concrete to its communities. The construction materials company has been spreading the love to two local charities. Thalle Industries is showing the importance of being a good neighbor and community member.

The company has three locations throughout New York; Elmsford, Montrose, and Fishkill. Neighboring Thalle Industries’ Elmsford location is an animal shelter — Paws Crossed Animal Rescue. Paws Crossed is a private organization that provides a safe place for homeless animals and helps get them adopted. In support of this pet-friendly group, Thalles Industries decided to decorate one of its new concrete mixer trucks with a message of encouragement. The mixer reads “Adopt a rescue pet” and provides the shelter’s website.

Along with a pet-adorned mixer, the company chose to support another local charity — the Westchester Parks Foundation. This foundation works to protect and maintain the many parks in Westchester County. Glenn Pacchiana, CEO of Thalle Industries has a personal connection to this foundation being a member of the Westchester Parks Foundation board. Thalle Industries has another new concrete mixer that is designed with a call to action for the foundation.

Due to their high levels of daily travel, these mixers are providing a great amount of advertisement and support by reaching more people. The company’s fleet of 24 mixers travels across a wide area of the state.

“3/4 of the fleet should be on the road daily,” said Joe Perrone, sales manager at Thalle Industries/Dakota Concrete. “We service all of Westchester County and parts of Rockland County (N.Y.). I would say the trucks travel a minimum of 120 miles per day.” 

Both the Paws Crossed Animal Rescue and the Westchester Parks Foundation feel grateful and appreciative of the warming sense of community.

Thalle Industries is continuously trying to enhance the community, build a friendly relationship with neighboring companies, and make a positive impact on the local culture.

“When considering support for a charity or cause, a company’s leadership must understand what is important to their employees and neighbors. Thalle Industries values social engagement, so we support nonprofits that benefit the public good by touching people’s lives directly,” said Perrone. 

Thalle Industries shows as a reminder that supporting local groups is an important way to spread positivity and elevate surrounding communities.

“One of our goals is to help our employees feel great about coming to work by reminding them that we all have an active role to play in uplifting our communities,” Perrone continued. “In the case of the messages on our concrete trucks, our drivers are spreading positive messages simply by making their daily deliveries.”