Choose The Right Blade When Making Forms

5 ways a premium demolition blade will help in concrete forming.

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Forming concrete is one of the most important steps of any  concrete construction project. Whether you’re building countertops or commercial sidewalks, there’s a great chance you’ll have to cut some raw material, like wood or plastic. You’ll also have to cut a few stakes to ensure your frames are rock solid.

A handy circular saw or reciprocating saw can be used to cut any material needed to help form concrete slabs, and blade choice is very important. You don’t want a blade that will slow you down, deliver subpar results, or fail outright after a limited number of cuts. You’ll also need a blade that won’t drain precious battery life, as cordless saws have become a viable option.

Luckily, there’s an answer: demolition blades. Here are  five reasons to seek out a high-quality demolition saw blade for your next concrete forming project:

1. They cut through multiple materials with ease.

Demolition blades are specifically designed to cut a wide range of materials. They’re crafted to not only cut wood, but nail-embedded wood, pressure treated lumber, OSB, and plastics. This allows you to focus less on framing and more on getting the job done. It also separates you from the herd, as you’ll be equipped with a more versatile tool. With rising material costs, you’ll also want to reuse your clean wood, nail-embedded wood, or  fiberglass as much as possible to save money. Get a blade that can cut through it all so you’re not limited to using fresh material.

2. They last longer.

The best demolition blades are made from specially formulated carbide. Standard carbide blades may get the job done, but a specially formulated carbide will offer unmatched durability even in extreme conditions. The best demolition blades will offer up to 15X  the lifespan of a standard blade. The last thing you want to worry about when forming concrete is a blade failing during a crucial cut or right before you complete a project. Imagine trying to remove the final piece of framing from the last slab of concrete on your project…only for it to fail.

3. They feature the latest and greatest technology.

In addition to carbide, demolition blades feature the latest and greatest tooth technologies, kerf designs, and blade geometries. These professional-grade aspects boost impact resistance, reduce vibration, and increase control—all without sacrificing results. With more and more cordless saws on jobsites, these factors are crucial to conserving battery life. Staying efficient when dealing with increasingly tough material is key in concrete forming. You need a blade that takes all of this into consideration so you don’t have to.

4. You won’t waste time changing blades and switching between tools.

Time is money. Any time wasted to change out a dull blade or switch from a wood-specific blade to a general-purpose blade is time that could be spent completing a project.  A premium demolition blade’s versatility and durability solves this problem. Top-tier blades are tough enough to take on all types of frame removal. They’re also precise enough to craft a quality frame and stakes. You’ll be surprised how much time you save by relying on a single blade instead of changing between two or three per job.

5. Productivity = Profit

A demolition blade’s overall reliability, performance and innovative design add up to maximum productivity. These qualities enable you to complete more projects with less labor, helping you conserve energy and money. You’ll be able to calculate the savings a premium demolition blade can yield. The peace of mind gained by not worrying about blade changes, premature dulling, or rotating between tools, however, is priceless.

The Finished Product

When you finish a large forming job the quality is truly in the detail. The extra technology that you can’t see on a blade but can see in the finished job is what’s critically important. An example would be the production grinding tolerances that ultimately keep the teeth aligned and sharp. A next generation blade like Diablo’s Demo Demon amplifies your work with a clean cut that can lead to tighter forms and a polished finished project and be ready to keep cutting. 

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