Carmix Metalgalante

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Via A. Volta, 2 – Noventa di Piave (VE)
Phone:+39 0421 65191
Fax:+39 0421 658838

Launched in early 2020, US CARMIX CONCRETE is a new support service for American building companies requiring short-time quality concrete in sites that are difficult to reach by large batching plants, such as those in city centres. The concrete supply service, born from the collaboration with the American interdisciplinary engineering company, Thallus Group, will provide building companies with a package of Metalgalante machines. This will include Carmix 3500 TC - a concentrate of technology and design offering powerful and versatile working tools, Carsilos - a horizontal cement silo equipped with a flexible screw conveyor and electronic weighing system, and a truck for transporting the machines.

Additionally, the package includes service and customer care.

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