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Fair Oaks, CA 95628

Sustainable Paving Systems, LLC  promotes sustainable concrete systems to minimize the industry’s impact on the environment.

Blending architecture and landscape is sometimes a complicated task when functionality, aesthetic appeal and eco-friendly criterion need to be considered. Sustainable Paving Systems provides a variety of landscape solutions that meet the requirements of sustainable design.

The selection of Grasscrete is one of the easiest ways to achieve LEED® points due to the reduction in heat island effect, management of storm water runoff, recycled content used in the application process as well as the concrete and sub-base, the long lifespan and the low maintenance required.

The Grasscrete Molded Pulp Former System is a cast-in-place, monolithic, continuously reinforced, void structured concrete pavement that provides superior structural integrity and performance. Common applications include; sustained access, fire and emergency access, daily parking, roadways, medians, overflow parking, pedestrian access and water management.

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