Spotlight: Coatings & Sealants October 2006

Transpo T-48, Nox-Crete Duro-Nox, Quikrete Epoxy Industrial Floor Coating and more.

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Properly protecting a concrete surface can make the difference between a successful or a failed project.

Transpo T-48
T-48 is a premium quality, two-component, polysulfide epoxy-based blended sealer and broadcast aggregate system.

  • Waterproof and skid resistant
  • Impervious to salts and chemicals
  • Forms a strong bond to concrete, steel and wood
  • Adds less than 1/2 lb. of dead load per square foot

Nox-Crete Duro-Nox
Nox-Crete's Duro-Nox is a liquid hardener/sealer/dustproofer for new and existing concrete floors.

  • Liquid silicate formula penetrates and chemically bonds to concrete
  • 20-year performance warranty

Quikrete Epoxy Industrial Floor Coating
Quikrete Epoxy Industrial Floor Coating protects against damage from hot tires, gasoline, oil and scuffs.

  • Durable, two-part oil-based epoxy formula
  • Light gray, semigloss finish
  • Available in an all-in-one kit that includes epoxy, hardener, degreaser, cleaner and etcher

Mapei Mapefinish Fusion
Mapei's Mapefinish Fusion is a multipurpose sealer designed for interior and exterior concrete.

  • One-component, water-based aliphatic polyurethane sealer
  • Offers slip and abrasion resistance for high-traffic areas
  • Odor-free
  • Low in VOCs

Glaze 'N Seal
Glaze 'N Seal Multi-Purpose Sealer offers low-gloss protection on colored concrete, acid-stained floors and concrete overlays.

  • Nonyellowing
  • Provides resistance to all stains, acids and efflorescence on indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Protects against scuffing, heel marks and even tire marks

Durall No-Wait
Durall Industrial Floor introduces the No-Wait epoxy seal for fresh concrete.

  • Special technology produces a finished covering without waiting 28 days for the concrete to fully cure
  • Colored and decorative topcoats can go on without danger of lifting soon after No-Wait is applied
  • No-Wait is water-based, so no drying time is required between cleaning and application

Xcel Surfaces EFF Factor
EFF Factor is a film-forming, waterborne specialty hybrid emulsion incorporating proprietary performance enhancing chemistries with superior penetration properties.

  • Low VOC
  • Hydrostatic pressure resistance exceeds 8 psi
  • Resistant to abrasion, solvent, chemical, water and impact

Sherwin-Williams UltraCrete
Sherwin-Williams UltraCrete Coatings provide a textured, uniform finish to tilt-up construction, precast panels or concrete block surfaces.

  • Formulated for spray application
  • Can be applied to damp concrete and in temperatures as low as 20 degrees F
  • Delivers long-term resistance to UV damage and efflorescence

Vexcon StarSeal PS
Vexcon StarSeal PS is a system of products that functions by penetrating and binding to the concrete in a calcium silicate matrix for extreme durability.

  • Wear-resistant, dust-free and water-repellent
  • Applied by spray, roller or applicator without any scrubbing in
  • Can be burnished and polished immediately after application
  • Can be applied to green concrete with supplemental curing