Minnich Mfg. Inc.

Mansfield, OH 44903

Company Overview

Minnich manufactures Dowel Pin Drills, Concrete Paving Vibrators and Vibrator Monitoring Systems

Company Details
1444 State Route 42
Mansfield, OH 44903
Phone:(419) 524-1000
Fax:(419) 524-4000

Minnich's Concrete Vibrator line includes such products as Hydraulic Internal Vibrators, Electric Flex Shaft Vibrators, Gasoline Driven Flex Shaft Vibrators, High Cycle Vibrators, High Cycle Generators, Hydraulic External Vibrators, and Internal Pneumatic Vibrators. Minnich also produces the Auto Vibe vibrator monitoring system. Our Concrete Dowel Pin Drills include Pneumatic Drills, Hydraulic Drills and many Special Application Drills. 

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