NXT Level SP

LATICRETE's medium coarse-sanded, pumpable and pourable, low alkali cement-based premium self-leveling overlay works as a high-strength wear surface or underlayment

Laticrete Nxt Level Sp Installation
Drytek 10288303

LATICRETE NXT Level SP is a coarse-sanded, polishable, cementitious self-leveling concrete overlay with a Salt and Pepper appearance that is designed to function as a high-strength wear surface or underlayment.

  • Pourable and pumpable
  • Can be walked on in as little as two hours
  • Can be polished one day after application
  • High abrasion resistance
  • 7,000 psi compressive strength
  • Inorganic low alkali cement-based formulation
  • Available in 50-lb. bag

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