Concrete Flooring Products & Equipment May 2009

Products and equipment for concrete contractors doing concrete flooring, grinding and polishing.

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B01 Liquid-Gel Pigment


  • Thixotropic gel specially formulated for integral coloring of concrete and mortar
  • Water-based, solvent-free and environment friendly
  • Designed to disperse throughout any concrete or mortar mix
  • Highly resistant to sunlight and UV radiation, alkali and weather conditions
  • Use in cast-in place concrete, precast, tilt-up, floors, countertops, retaining walls and more


Construcolor USA, Ltd.

Concrete Moisture Meter


  • RH BluePeg sensor monitors moisture concentrations in center of slab
  • Slips into sleeve embedded in concrete
  • Takes readings until the moisture in the concrete has reached its final value
  • Sensor can be reused
  • Permissible moisture readings vary between 65% to 97%


Lignomat USA Ltd.

Duro-Polish Plus


  • Synthetic polymer floor polish
  • Protects hardened concrete floors from harsh food products
  • Imparts an immediate, high-gloss finish that requires no buffing
  • Aids safety with additional slip resistance (ASTM D-2047)


Nox-Crete Product Group

EDGEKutter 7120


  • Designed for polishing and preparing the edges of concrete, stone and wood surfaces
  • Rocker Pivot suspension maintains flat and even contact between the abrasive wheel and the surface
  • Spring-loaded Tension Throttle offers precise control of the grinder head
  • KR7 EDGEKutter dust shroud enables virtually dust-free operation with adequate vacuum system


Kut-Rite Manufacturing

FastFloor by Rhino Industrial


  • Two-component, hybrid polyurea coating system specifically formulated for commercial and industrial flooring
  • Rapid curing allows a return-to-service time of one day; light foot traffic in 2-4 hours
  • Apply with a hand-roller, brush or squeegee
  • Two formulations include FastFloor HB (high build) for industrial floors and FastFloor DF (decorative floors) which utilizes paint chips, colored quartz and other decorative flakes to create a unique floor
  • Zero VOCs and environmentally friendly
  • Excellent UV resistance

    Rhino Linings



    • A method for mechanically grinding, treating and polishing concrete floors
    • Can transform new or old concrete floors into abrasion-resistant, dense, smooth and visually appealing surfaces
    • Reduces the need for epoxy or thin film coatings


    Husqvarna Construction Products

    Lythic Densifier


    Lythic Solutions recently launched its Lythic Densifier, a colloidal silica-based densifier for the polished concrete industry. It can be spray applied in 15 minutes and eliminates scrubbing in, scrubbing off and disposal of the caustic gel created by silicates. Lythic Densifier is shipped as a concentrate and contains zero volatile organic compounds (VOC). Lythic Protector, a conditioner containing colloidal silica and polymers, and Lythic Cleaner, a cleansing formula that imparts additional silica into the concrete surface every time it is cleaned, are also available.


    Lythic Solutions, Inc.



    W.R. Meadows Perminator is an underslab vapor barrier that can withstand normal construction jobsite conditions and traffic. The Perminator is available in 10 and 15 mil thicknesses and comes in 200-ft. long rolls.


    W.R. Meadows Inc.

    Pulse-Bac PB-2150


    CDCLarues new Pulse-Bac PB-2150 is a portable vacuum with an electronic sensor that detects when the collection tank is full. The vacuum also can collect and discard dust and debris simultaneously. The Pulse-Bac Technology stops the filters from becoming caked with dust and debris and prvents clogging during operation by internally flushing the filters. The vacuums conical-shaped filters can collect dust particles as small as .1 micron in size, produces 450 cfm with 70-in. of lift and weighs 200 lbs.


    CDCLarue Industries Inc.

    Screed Rail


    • Achieves higher floor levelness than hand straight edging
    • Increases floor flatness
    • Tightly controls elevation to design grade
    • Exceeds FL 20 specs


    The Allen Face Companies

    Stego Wrap Vapor Barrier


    Stegos Wrap Vapor Barrier is a 15-mil geo-membrane for moisture and radon gas resistance. It is made of a combination of prime virgin resins and additives and can be used in contact with and directly below a concrete slab. Stegos vapor barrier has an almost zero Water Vapor Transmission Rate and prevents moisture, water vapor, soil gases and alkaline salts from entering the building envelope.


    Stego Industries, LLC



    • High-strength, portland cement-based floor underlayment
    • Compressive strengths up to 6,000 psi
    • Formulated for use over concrete subfloors in commercial and institutional buildings
    • Quick drying time
    • Meets and exceeds ASTM F710


    Hacker Industries Inc