Spotlight: Finishing Equipment March 2008

Concrete Contractor

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CT 24-4A Trowel

  • 24-in. edging trowel for power finishing concrete along walls or other edges
  • Dynamically balanced design, low vibration and folding handle
  • 160-lb. operating weight
  • Speed range up to 140 rpm and pitch range up to 15°
  • 4-hp Honda engine
  • Wacker Corp.

Silver Beauty Power Screed

  • Features an enclosed eccentric and an always straight equilateral triangle bar that will cut concrete to grade
  • Handles bars from 3 to 12 ft.
  • Weighs 23 lbs.
  • Unrestricted throttle control
  • Advanced Concrete Tools

CF-484 Trowel

  • The 48-in. trowel features fine-tuned pitch control or optional ProPitch for fast, smooth blade adjustment
  • Four combination or finish blades
  • Extra-strong cast iron spider
  • Available with an 11-hp Honda, 11-hp Robin or 13-hp Honda engine
  • Dyna-Clutch system stops blade rotation without shutting off the engine
  • Stone Construction Equip. Inc.

Speed Screed SOLO

  • All models approved for the new series of four-stroke Honda engines
  • Redesigned Series 2000 double-handle model has a reduced weight (nearly 10 lbs. less) for easier screeding and transport, plus features reduced handle vibration
  • Series 1000 one-handle model updated to provide more comfortable and maneuverable operation
  • Designed for one-person operation
  • Metal Forms Corp.

Whiteman Hydrostatic Trowels

  • Models equipped with 60- (STX Series) or 44-hp (HTX Series) Yanmar Turbo Diesel engines
  • 60- and 48-in. blades and non-overlapping rotors with dual joystick controls
  • Cool-running design
  • State-of-the-art hydraulics eliminate gearboxes, clutches and belts
  • Ergonomically adjustable seats, proportional hydraulic steering, automatic shut-down and retardant spray system for uniform coverage of the slab surface
  • Multiquip Inc.

Multivibe Hummer Screed Combo

  • Two-in-one tool can be used for vibrating walls then adapted to screeding concrete in seconds with no tools
  • High-profile screed bars go up to 24 ft. long and require only one power unit
  • Engine is elevated off of the screed bar for longer engine life
  • 2 x 4 or 2 x 8 vibrator head
  • Easy attachment with lever screws
  • Jlin Corp.

MSP 425 Riding Trowel

  • The Mechanical Super Pro 425 rider is a redesigned model with more torque and an improved weight to horsepower ratio
  • Manual steering and pitch control
  • 34-hp liquid-cooled Vanguard gas engine
  • Torque converter clutch system and electric powered spray system
  • Two 46-in.-diameter, five-blade, non-overlapping rotors with speeds up to 170 rpm
  • Allen Engineering Corp.

Lightening Strike Roller Screed

  • Screed tubing lengths from 2 to 20 ft.; more than 20 combinations to fit your pour
  • Screed areas 4 to 40 ft.
  • Electric or gas motor
  • Can be used on pervious and exposed aggregate mixes
  • Can screed driveways, approaches, basements, circular pours, crowned concrete, sloped concrete, semi approaches and more
  • Lura Enterprises, Inc.

KG Screed

  • Single-roller screed suitable for use on parking lots, driveways, streets and sidewalks
  • Works well with wooden or steel forms
  • Paves up to 16-ft. widths
  • Totally self-contained and all mechanical
  • 4-hp Honda engine
  • Terramite Corp.

Torpedo Groover

  • Available in 36-, 24- and 56-in. lengths
  • Machine tooled, high grade aluminum
  • Cuts straight control joint 11/2 in. deep
  • Slip Industries

TR Trowel Series

  • Available in 36- and 48-in. models
  • Lifting bracket for easy lifting on and off the slab
  • Case iron base for strength and longevity
  • Heavy-duty Viton seals in the gearbox can withstand high temperatures
  • Adjustable arms
  • Blade arms with a universal bolt pattern
  • Husqvarna Construction Products