Demolition & Repair July 2007

Concrete demolition & repair equipment

BH 24 Breaker

  • Optimized percussion system is more productive and less abusive to operator
  • Reconfigured shape of piston and striker reduces weight and increases velocity for added hitting force
  • Air percussion system ensures striking mechanism directly hits the tool, reducing vibration back to the operator
  • Patented vibration damping protective housing isolates the entire upper housing
  • Powered by a Wacker two-cycle WM 80 engine


Wacker Corp.

Red Hawk Breaker

  • 50-lb. gas-powered breaker suited for small jobs or work in remote locations
  • Delivers an impact rate of 2,600 bpm
  • 19 tools and accessories available for maximum versatility
  • Silencing muffler reduces operating noise level to 107 dB
  • Vibration-dampening handles limit vibration levels to 4.7 m/s2
  • Meets EPA1 emission regulations
  • Choke control and user-friendly instructions allow for better speed control and easier starting and operation


Chicago Pneumatic Construction Tools

DH30PC2 Rotary Hammer

  • Compact 13/16-in. SDS plus rotary hammer
  • Impact energy of 4 ft.-lbs.
  • Weighs less than 10 lbs.
  • 7.4-amp motor delivers 850 watts of input power
  • Variable-speed control to give the tool a no-load rpm between zero and 850 and an impact rate of zero to 3,700 bpm
  • Three modes of operation: drilling only, hammer only and hammer drilling


Hitachi Power Tools

HM1810 AVT Breaker Hammer

  • Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT) is a counterbalance design that produces three times less vibration
  • 70 lbs.
  • 15-amp motor delivers 1,100 bpm and 63 joules of impact energy
  • Includes automatic brush cutoff system and warning indicator lamps to protect the motor
  • Cylindrical tool holder for added serviceability
  • Large side handles with easy-to-operate switch


Makita U.S.A. Inc.

Paving Breakers

  • The PROMAXX MX60 and MX90 deliver more power and fewer moving parts
  • Ergonomically designed handles, grips, throttle lever and breaker housing for operator comfort
  • Nonmetallic materials eliminate rust
  • Anvil bushing eliminates the need for an anvil block
  • One-piece breaker housing eliminates need for side rods and springs


Ingersoll Rand Co.

P'7911 Multi-hammer

  • Electrically powered multihammer combines the functions of a drill with the power of a pneumatic hammer
  • Drills into concrete, stone, wood and steel
  • 705-watt, 6-amp multihammer offers 133 in. lbs. of torque and 2 joules per blow
  • 3/4-in. drilling capacity in concrete using hammer bits
  • Housing made of carbon fiber and aluminum
  • Developed in conjunction with Porsche Design


Metabo Corp.

TE 50 Combihammer

  • 1,050-watt motor and hammering mechanism deliver optimum performance for drilling up to 1-in.-diameter holes
  • Balanced ergonomic design with D-grip
  • Constant motor electronics provide a constant drilling speed
  • Comes equipped with the TPS Theft Protection System
  • Ideal for drilling holes for rebar dowels or anchor bolts in concrete, stone and masonry or moderate chiseling on concrete and masonry


Hilti Inc.

SB 102 and SB 152

  • Offer maximum impact rates up to 2,280 bpm
  • Compact, slim-line shape enhances visibility and allows work in confined spaces
  • One-piece solid body design eliminates need for side bolts
  • Suitable for small carriers in the 2,425- to 9,900-lb. weight class


Atlas Copco Construction Tools, Inc.

THX Series Hydraulic Hammers

  • Five models that offer 251 to 1,033 ft.-lbs. of energy per blow, and 450 to 950 to 550 to 1,100 bpm
  • Vibra-silenced via a polymer suspension pad
  • Engineered to guarantee lower sound power levels
  • Single-point greasing system
  • One-piece box design


Terex Construction Americas

300 Series Breakers

  • Cradle-style bracket
  • 13 models available from 350- to 10,000-ft.-lb. impact energy ratings
  • Available for skid steers, mini-excavators, backhoes and excavators
  • Nitrogen gas-assisted design
  • Control valves concealed inside of smaller units for added protection
  • Accumulator located on the side of larger models to protect hydraulic system
  • Replaceable tool bushing


UB Equipment Corp.

H35Ds and H45Ds Hammers

  • H45Ds offers 2,300 bpm and is in the 300-ft.-lb. class
  • H35Ds provides 2,900 bpm and is in the 150-ft.-lb. class
  • Enclosed housing protects the power cell, eliminates side plate bolts and reduces noise
  • Recoil isolation
  • High- and low-pressure accumulator
  • One-piece body eliminates tie-rods


Caterpillar Inc.

Eco Crusher

  • Recycle attachment for excavators
  • Can be used to recycle concrete with rebar, blocks, bricks, asphalt, rocks and stone
  • Three sizes from 13 to 37+ tons
  • Production of 3/4- to 6-in. products
  • Eliminates disposal problems of discharging the demolished materials


Mid Atlantic Hammer Inc.


  • Nonhydraulic hammer that shatters concrete
  • Six model sizes
  • Works on inertia
  • Ideal for rubber-tired backhoe carriers
  • Good machine for suspended decking
  • Efficiently strips concrete off rebar


Universal Impact Technologies, Inc.

Rockland DB Demolition Buckets

  • Can push over walls, grip and carry material and load debris
  • Can be used as a dozer with the clamp closed
  • High-strength alloy steel construction
  • Includes a slotted, extended spill plate, reinforced moldboard and completely protected hydraulic cylinders
  • Comes with jumper hoses to connect to standard boom arm piping and mount using standard factory pins


Rockland Mfg. Co.

Exca-Beak Grapple

  • Crowbar fork design multiplies breakout force, while grapple jaw holds load in place
  • Mounts on a compact excavator
  • Approximate gripping force up to 5,000 lbs.
  • 12 in. of stroke allows a full 38-in. jaw opening
  • Suitable for removing sidewalk, loading out debris, setting landscape stones, etc.


Daniel Mfg.

WunderFixx Concrete Smoothing Compound

  • Designed for permanent cosmetic patching of tilt-up, precast and cast-in-place concrete projects
  • Requires only a single coat
  • Sets in 60 minutes and can be painted in three hours
  • Sands to an ultra-smooth and uniform finish


CTS Cement


  • Seals, strengthens and stabilizes cracks in foundations using carbon fibers
  • Repairs structural, hairline and seeping cracks in vertical, horizontal and corner applications
  • Provides structural integrity
  • Odorless
  • Can be painted over after 48-hour curing time


KM Sales


  • The first post-installed anchor code listed for use in cracked concrete
  • Wedge-type expansion anchor
  • Listed for use in normal-weight and lightweight cracked and uncracked concrete as well as in moderate and high seismic zones
  • Anchor design software also available


Simpson Strong-Tie

Multi-purpose Concrete Resurfacer

  • Enhanced formula suitable to resurface, patch and repair heavily damaged concrete and masonry surfaces such as driveways, patios, walks and walls
  • Polymer modified, Portland cement based offers cost-effective alternative to removing and replacing worn or scaling concrete
  • Durable, wear-resistant concrete surface designed to withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic
  • Can be colored with Quikrete Liquid Cement Color
  • Compressive strength of 2,500 psi in seven days and 3,500 psi in 28 days
  • Available in 40-lb. bags
  • Trowel and squeegee applied formulations available


Quikrete Companies Inc.

Concrete Repair Products

  • 100% acrylic products
  • Concrete sealer resists blushing when exposed to rainfall or moisture
  • Concrete crack sealant designed for sealing cracks and joints
  • Concrete patch is a heavy bodied trowel grade patch to fill cracks up to 1 in. wide