Spotlight: Forming May 2007

New form technologies are designed to save contractors time on the jobsite.

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  • Patented combination concrete footing form system, foundation drainage system and radon reduction system for residential basement applications
  • Vinyl lineal sections are used to form the footing, then remain permanently in place after the concrete is poured
  • Forms a complete loop around the home's foundation to serve as a drainage and radon reduction system
  • CertainTeed Corp.


  • High-density concrete-forming overlaid plywood
  • Ideal for high-rise and other large-scale projects
  • Produces a consistently smooth, glossy concrete surface and minimizing finishing
  • Standard sizes include 4' x 8'/9'/ or 10', 1/2", 5/8", 11/16" 3/4" thick
  • Should give from 15 to 25 reuses
  • Ainsworth Engineered

Big Expander

  • Expands on the spot
  • Eliminates need to purchase additional filler panels to form box bays, corners, fireplaces, or complex foundation elevations
  • Compatible with all face-sheet connections
  • Attaches with a pin and wedge or bolt
  • Designed for the custom-home market
  • B.E.P. Forming Systems

Classic Panel Aluminum Forms

  • 125 Smooth features side, top and bottom-rail extrusions; attached pins; pressed-in hardened bushings; and one- or three-hole riveted spring tension bushings
  • The new 94 Smooth panel features all the characteristics of the 125 Smooth, but in a lighter-weight product
  • The Textured and VIP Brick forming panels give the appearance of brick surface marks
  • Durand Forms, Inc.

Arxx ICF

  • Offer energy savings, sound resistance and ease of installation

  • Reinforced with steel rebar
  • Four-hour fire rating, far surpassing wood frame construction
  • Energy savings of up to 50 percent compared to traditional construction methods
  • Arxx Walls & Foundations


  • Reusable aluminum system that is fully adjustable in height and length
  • Lightweight and rigid
  • Two-sided form - no dominant top, bottom, left or right
  • Unique tie system, leaving the top of footings unencumbered for finishing
  • Ez-Tilt-Up and Ez-Flatwork also available
  • Concrete Forms Service, Inc.

Split Block Forms

  • Gives you a deep block design providing a realistic finished look
  • Made from heavy-duty extruded aluminum
  • Widths 1 in to 36 in.
  • Heights up to 108 in.
  • Compatible to pouring block on one side and smooth on the other
  • Wall-Ties & Forms, Inc.

Form Board

  • Approximately one-third the weight of solid-sawn lumber
  • Composed of LVL, a cross-banded laminated veneer lumber core that eliminates knots, twisting and warping
  • Coated with UV-stabilized polyethylene that prevents cracking, resists moisture and guarantees high reuse
  • Available in 16-ft. lengths in sizes ranging from 1" x 4" to 2" x 12"
  • EcoForm

Stake-free Aluminum Footing Form System

  • Four main components: forms, locking cross bracket, grade bracket and outside corner bracket
  • Eliminates need for lumber, stakes, nails or ties
  • Grade is set down inside the forms
  • Panelization software program available for easy job layout
  • Use the adjustable Slip-Form option to fill in remaining gaps after "building to the stakes"; useful when using robotic layout systems
  • Fine Line Footing Forms, Inc.


  • Hybrid cast-in-place concrete forming system
  • Multiple configurations using reusable fiber-reinforced polymer composite forms (Z-Panels) and stay-in-place panel forms made of insulation and wallboard material (Z-Boards)
  • For use in single-family, multiunit residential and commercial applications
  • Long Home Co. Ltd.

Frami Forms System

  • Lightweight clamp system with a logical grid for fast, economical forming of foundations and small areas
  • Available in 3-, 6- and 9-ft.-high panels with widths ranging from 6 in. to 3 ft.
  • Only three lightweight Frami clamps are needed for each 9-ft. vertical joint, each requiring just a single hammer blow to join and align the panels
  • Doka Formwork Technology

Sonotube Commercial

  • Alternative to steel and fiberglass forms
  • Can withstand full liquid head pressures of up to 20 ft. and 72 hours or more of rainfall
  • Designed for buildings, parking garages,
  • Standard sizes from 6 to 60 in. in diameter, and in lengths of 12 or 20 ft.
  • Sonoco

Arch-Crete Forms

  • Simplifies the process of attaining vertical textured concrete surfaces
  • Lightweight and easily maintained
  • Last for more than 1,500 pours
  • Average weight of 57 lbs.
  • Architectural Concrete Creations

IntegraSpec ICF System

  • Stay-in-place expanded polystyrene form units suited for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential construction
  • Patented interlocking system eliminates concrete blowouts
  • Now available with 5-in. web that, when combined with 2.5 in. of insulation on both sides, matches the standard 10-in. concrete masonry unit
  • IntegraSpec