Spotlight: World of Concrete Preview December 2006

Products being highlighted at the World of Concrete show.

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The World of Concrete is a once-a-year opportunity to see some of the newest products in the industry. The products on the following pages are some of those being highlighted at the show.

Arch-Crete Forms
Arch-Crete forms from Architectural Concrete Creations are an integrated system that simplifies the process of attaining vertical textured concrete surfaces.

  • Lightweight and easily maintained
  • Last for more than 1,500 pours
  • Average weight of 57 lbs.

Enviro-System Chute Bag
Enviro-System's Chute Bag solves the problem of disposing of concrete waste.

  • Small, compact and easy to open
  • Holds up to 3 cu. ft.
  • Lined or unlined
  • Small enough to move by hand

VIC SM 320 ShaveMaster
VIC International has introduced the SM 320 ShaveMaster, the first multipurpose concrete floor corrections machine capable of up to 1,000 sq. ft. per hour.

  • Uses 50 diamond blades for coatings removal, joint repair, slurry cap removal, spalled out areas and more
  • Self-propelled with both forward and reverse
  • When coupled with the VIC vacuum, system is extremely green at only .003 microns of airborne dust
  • Powered by a 15-hp, 460-volt, three-phase motor
  • Weighs 716 lbs.

Kemiko Stone Tone Stain
Kemiko Stone Tone stain is designed for interior or exterior use.

  • Reacts with concrete to create multihued color variations resembling marble or stone
  • Economical, durable and easy to maintain
  • Available in eight colors

Deslauriers Forming Products
Deslauriers Inc. offers products that make it easy to form professional-looking tapered holes in concrete for railings, awnings and other common uses.

  • Easy to install and remove
  • High visibility
  • Accurate alignment — tip of tab is centerline of hole form
  • Insert into fresh concrete for slabs over 6 in. thick

Quikrete FastSet
Quikrete FastSet Commercial Grade Concrete is a fast-setting, high early strength concrete.

  • Sets in 20 to 30 minutes
  • Less shrinkage than ordinary Portland cement concrete
  • Achieves a compressive strength of 3,000 psi in three hours and 7,000 psi after 28 days
  • Can be used at any thickness from 1 1/2 in. to 2 ft.

Transguard 4000
Transguard 4000 from Reef Industries provides an effective way to maintain appropriate moisture levels.

  • Reduces cracking, scaling and dusting during the curing process
  • Durability and strength of canvas, but the flexibility and ease of handling of a lighter material
  • Low permeability
  • Reflective against heat

LR Tools Power Pole
The Power Pole Finisher from LR-Tools Inc. is a 24-lb. concrete finishing trowel that has the ability to start finishing on wet concrete.

  • Extension poles allow finisher to stand outside the formed area
  • Works for flatwork, decorative concrete and stamping
  • 7-lb., 25cc four-cycle engine meets EPA and California standards

ITW Red Head Advanced Threadform Technology
ITW now offers its Advanced Threadform Technology on the company's line of Tapcon anchors.

  • Patented sawtooth design provides up to a 30-percent reduction in installation torque
  • Thread pattern cuts its own grooves into concrete and optimizes pullout performance and installation speed

Bon Tool Kneeler Board
Bon Tool's foam kneeler board provides soft support for a variety of applications including concrete finishing.

  • Cushion is made of absorbent foam polyurethane
  • Pad is permanently set in a heavy-gauge, polyethylene tray that provides waterproofing and protects against sharp objects
  • 24 by 14 in.
  • Washable and chemical resistant

TimberStrand LSL Concrete Form Boards
TimberStrand LSL Concrete Form Boards from Weyerhaeuser are now available in standard lengths up to 20 ft. and up to 36 ft. by special request.

  • Resists twisting, bowing and shrinking
  • Available in form depths up to 16 in.
  • Part of a family of forming products from Weyerhaeuser

Curb Fox 2000
Messinger Inc. will introduce the new Curb Fox 2000 at the World of Concrete.

  • Paves curb and gutter up to 24 in.
  • Slip-forms precise curbing with its electronic over hydraulic control system
  • Sensors position the paver for elevation, steering and slope
  • Can slip-form radii down to 24 in. with optional tight radius package

Vulcan Onboard Concrete Mixer Scale
Vulcan has introduced the onboard concrete mixer scale for McNeilus mixers.

  • Meter in cab displays net payload weight and allows driver to monitor offload weights and remaining weight in drum to within 1/4 yd.
  • Standard option for all new McNeilus mixers
  • Retrofit kits available for existing vehicles

Fascut Rebar Bender/Cutter
The Model FR-800-C will both cut and bend up to and including #8 (1-in. diameter) grade 60 rebar.

  • Self-contained hydraulic machine plugs into a standard 110-volt outlet
  • Combines a rotary bender with a heavy-duty shear
  • Cut bars to length and fabricate stirrups, hooks and 3-D bends on-site or at the shop

Multivibe Hummer Screed Combo
The Multivibe Hummer Screed Combo from Jlin is a two-in-one tool that can be used for vibrating walls, then adapted to screeding concrete in seconds with no tools.

  • High-profile screed bars go up to 24 ft. long and require only one power unit
  • Engine is elevated off of the screed bar for longer engine life
  • 2x4 or 2x8 vibrator head
  • Easy attachment with lever screws

The HTC 650HDX has a patented four grinding disc system resulting in balance, smoothness and more efficient grinding.

  • High capacity for fast and efficient grinding
  • New flex plates with I.D.S. technology enable the use of metal bond diamonds to clean up remaining coatings in low spots

Max USA RB395
The RB395 battery-operated rebar tying tool allows for high-speed tying at less than a one-second tying speed.

  • One-hand operation
  • Weighs just 5.2 lbs.
  • Three wraps per tie (21-gauge wire)
  • Handles #3 x #3 to #5 to #6 rebar
  • NIOSH study indicates significant reduction in risk of developing hand or wrist muculoskeletal disorder when used with adjustable extension arm
  • Accessories include tool protection cover and tool holster

Allen Engineering Compodisk
The Compodisk composite float pan provides a faster finish time, a smoother finished surface and a reduction in the chance of surface delamination.

  • Available in all standard power trowel sizes up to 60 in.
  • Can be used on concrete mixes with or without air entrainment
  • Composite material provides greater durability than steel

Kelken PowerPush
Kelken's PowerPush is the first battery-operated dispensing gun for two-component adhesives and sealants.

  • Can dispense and evenly mix even the most viscous two-part epoxies in both hot and cold temperatures
  • Variable dial controls for dosing and speed
  • Anti-drip feature eliminates messy run-on by automatically reversing the pistons when trigger is released

Flex-C-Ment Countertop System
Flex-C-Ment's Signature Concrete Countertop System creates realistic marble and granite finishes with a strong, self-leveling mix.

  • Available in eight colors
  • Finishes include diamond polished, textured or a self-leveled surface

Miller Spreader MC350
The MC350 Landscape Curbilder uses a 6-in. reciprocating plunger powered by a 3-hp Honda engine to push the curb mix from the hopper into the curb form.

  • Curb forms are reversible within the plunger housing to allow left- or right-hand curbing to be placed with the same form
  • Design allows for zero clearance on the right side of the machine when placing curb
  • Standard drop pointer ensures straight and level curbing

Stardek Crownflex Non-Skid
Stardek Crownflex Non-Skid from Color Crown is a water-based, single-pack, acrylic/urethane copolymer with recycled rubber crumb aggregate used to create nonslip surfaces.

  • Durable
  • Designed to adhere to most substrates
  • Resistant to abrasions and chemicals

Universal Templates
Universal Templates' plastic templates and stencils are available with adhesive-backs for overlays and without adhesive for new concrete.

  • Will not delaminate
  • Available in 15 patterns
  • Can be used on interior and exterior walls and floors

Crown Screed King
Crown Construction Equipment introduces the next generation Screed King.

  • 75 percent less vibration to operator's hands
  • No tools required to remove the Mag-Flo board
  • Better concrete consolidation
  • Improved board integrity
  • Simplified handlebar adjustment

Tygar TG1000
The Bengal TG1000 from Tygar Mfg. can be used for residential or commercial curbing.

  • Attains speeds of up to 16 fpm
  • More than 16 stamped curb patterns and 20 molds available

Sawtec 'T' Segment
The Sawtec "T" segment diamond cup wheel from Blastrac is used for concrete cleaning, thin coating removal, edging and concrete leveling.

  • 14 segments provide more diamonds for faster, more aggressive grinding
  • T shape helps reduce swirl marks and provides more efficient edging and effective cleaning in low spots
  • Available in 5- or 7-in. diameters

Metal Forms Poly Meta Forms
Poly Meta Forms are a labor- and money-saving alternative to forming concrete with wood.

  • Lightweight
  • Moisture resistant
  • Durable and reusable
  • Easy to clean
  • Straight and radius forms for flatwork and curb and gutter

Bobcat 335 Compact Excavator
At 9,170 lbs., the 40-hp 335 conventional tailswing compact excavator falls in the 4- to 5-metric tonne class.

  • 11-ft. 8-in. maximum digging depth and 17-ft. 10-in. maximum reach at ground level
  • 7,892 lbs. of bucket breakout force
  • 19.8-gpm auxiliary hydraulic system
  • Load-sensing hydraulics
  • Standard dual-cylinder blade-float feature, two-speed travel and turf-friendly rubber tracks

Exaktime PocketClocks
The new PocketClocks software from Exaktime allows multiple users to clock in and out directly on a Palm Pilot.

  • Designed for workers that regularly visit multiple jobsites or frequently change cost codes
  • Individual workers can clock in themselves or it can be set to "Supervisor Mode" where a supervisor clocks in and out for the workers
  • Can be used by itself or in conjunction with Exaktime's JobClock system

Lindley VibraStrike II
The VibraStrike II power screed features a four-stroke engine.

  • One-piece design of the two-in-one float eliminates more than 60 nuts, bolts, studs, washers, tensioning rods and brackets for improved overall functionality
  • Unique geometric shape of the float allows use as both a float and curl edge when screeding from the top of forms
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