Product Spotlight: Vibrating Equipment January 2009

Good consolidation practices call for good concrete vibrating equipment. From hand-held to backpack models, choose the style that works for you.

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BP-50 Backpack Concrete Vibrator


  • Totally enclosed rotary throttle allowing operator to control engine while preventing wet concrete from entering and clogging throttle mechanism
  • Kill switch located on handle
  • Patent pending rotary throttle designed and engineered to eliminate operators variable setting of engine speed ensuring unit will consistently produce proper vibrations per minute
  • Comes standard with Quick Disconnect "QD" system and Honda gasoline engines
  • Vibrator heads develop 12,000 vpm and never drop below 10,000 vpm even in heaviest low slump concrete loads
  • Handles heads up to 2 1/2 in.


Oztec Industries Inc.

Electric Flex Shaft Vibrators


  • Aluminum ribbed cast housing
  • Heavy-duty vibration isolators
  • Double bar frame
  • Protected air inlet to prevent concrete clogging
  • 7/8- or 1 3/16-in. diameters
  • 2-, 5-, 7-, 10-, 14- or 21-ft. lengths
  • Interchangeable between Honda Back Pack and Electric Vibrator Head
  • Six sizes ranging from 3/4- to 2 3/8-in.


Minnich Mfg. Inc.

Flex-Shaft Vibrators


Multiquips flex-shaft concrete vibrators are designed to work in medium to high slump concrete appliactions such as small slabs, driveways, stem walls and footings. The eight models in the series provide centrifugal forces up to 19,000 rpm. The user can choose a power source (electric motor or gasoline engine), eight options of shaft lengths, and 11 head sizes. Large vibration isolated handles protect the motor and operator.


Multiquip Inc.

Ingersoll Rand Concrete Vibrators


  • Extensive variety of vibratory heads, flexible shafts and power sources available
  • Optimal frequencies to relieve air and voids in concrete mix
  • Protective cast-aluminum housing and rugged wrap-around, shock-absorbing frams
  • Easy access to all serviceable parts


Doosan Infracore Portable Power

Multivibe Gas-powered Vibrators


  • Low-friction, gas-powered vibrators offer 9,000-vpm frequencies with amplitudes from .04 to .14 in.
  • Suitable for slabs, stem walls and foundations
  • Casing lengths up to 24 ft.
  • Head diameters from 1 to 2 1/2 in.
  • Approximately 20 lbs. lighter than a backpack
  • Hummer Standard, Hummer Fishing Pole and Power Rod models available


Jlin Corp

Power Vibe and Power Vibe Pro Series


The Power Vibe and Power Vibe Pro Series of lightweight, gasoline-powered concrete vibrators are user friendly for slabs, stem walls and foundations, and deliver optimal consolidation of concrete.

  • Powered by four-cycle, 35cc engines
  • Power Vibe available with flexible shaft lengths from 2 to 10 ft. and head sizes from 1- to 2-in. diameter
  • Power Vibe Pro comes with a 2-ft. flexible shaft length with rigid-shaft extension and a 2-in.-diameter head size
  • Low-friction vibrator heads allow for extended run time outside of concrete without burning up


Allen Engineering Corporation

Rubber Heads for Concrete Vibrators


A rubber head is now available for Stone Constructions concrete vibrator line. It is a heavy-dut urethane rubber-coated 1 7/8-in. head specially designed for epoxy-coated rebar applications. The rubber head will not damage the coating on rebar and other forms. The perforated design of the coating provides better vibration and consolidation and cools the oil bath inside the head. With the addition of the rubber head, Stone now offers eight vibrator heads and 11 flexshafts.


Stone Construction Equip. Inc.