Concrete Accessories June 2006

Accessories for June/July 2006 include Safety Maker guardrails, the Rousseau Batter Board, the Forfam Shute Shutter and much more.

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Safety Maker guardrails
The SurShield guardrail system clamps onto the edge of a concrete slab, eliminating drilling.

  • Designed for slab structures up to 11 in. thick
  • Device is tightened in place with an integral tension bolt
  • Certified to exceed all applicable OSHA regulations
  • VersiShield guardrail clamp also available for installation of OSHA-compliant rails on open edge concrete preformed stairs

Rousseau Batter Board
The Rousseau Batter Board System is used to ensure square corners and straight walls.

  • Improves productivity and accuracy by replacing the time-consuming nail insertion and removal method with an efficient, reusable, adjustable slide-and-tube system
  • Fabricated from powder-coated steel

Forfam Shute Shutter
The Shute Shutter is a fully automatic concrete truck chute closure device designed to stop spills and damage claims.

  • Totally seals the chute
  • Will contain a chute full of concrete if it should accidentally exit the drum
  • Prevents concrete theft from mixer trucks

CAPP Device
The Concrete Anchor Placement and Protection (CAPP) Device from Building Construction Solutions is a system engineered to place anchor bolts in wet concrete.

  • Sets bolts at uniform heights
  • Allows laborers of any skill to set bolts with accuracy
  • Reusable

UltraCure from McTech Group is a disposable, lightweight, single-use wet curing blanket available in three varieties.

  • Original UltraCure, a clear vapor barrier for indoor use, with a seven-day wet cure period
  • UltraCure SUN, a reflective vapor barrier for outdoor use, with a seven-day wet cure period
  • UltraCure MAX, a reflective vapor barrier for outdoor use, with a 14-day wet cure period

Terex Super Quiet generators
The Super Quiet Power Generator line includes 13 models with prime power outputs from 20 to 406 kVA (16 to 325 kW).

  • Simultaneously deliver single- and three-phase outputs
  • Control panel includes a main breaker, two GFCI duplex receptacles and two or three Tempower Twistlock receptacles
  • Run time at 75 percent load ranges up to 78 hours on a single tank
  • 68-dBA sound level at 23 ft.

Standard Hamilton Dump-Pro
Standard Hamilton's Dump-Pro enables a user to go from pickup to dump truck in minutes with the Quick Change-Out option.

  • Polyethylene dump body
  • Drive system does not require hydraulics
  • WarnWorks winch provides lifting and dumping power
  • 60-degree dump angle
  • 3,000-lb. payload capacity
  • Weighs less than 400 lbs. and fits most pickups

Kaeser M14 compressor
The Kaeser M14 is a rotary screw compressor powered by an 18-hp industrial gasoline engine.

  • Lightweight wheel-mounted package with hinged handlebar
  • Vibration isolator pads absorb shock and ensure quiet operation

Safety Flag Co. safety vests
These Class I, Class II and Class III ANSI-compliant safety vests are available in fluorescent orange material with yellow reflective striping or fluorescent lime material with silver reflective striping.

  • Sizes from small/medium to 5XL with Velcro or zipper closures

Best Trailer tandem tilt bed
The TB82x16T tandem tilt bed trailer can be rated up to 16,000-lb. GVWR with a 13,000-lb. capacity and 12-degree load angle empty.

  • Dampening cylinder for tilt-mode cushioning
  • 7K torsion axles
  • Sealed beam lighting
  • Adjustable hitch

Miller Falcon self-retracting lifelines
Miller Falcon self-retracting lifelines have high impact-resistant, nylon housing with stainless steel and aluminum internal components.

  • Available in 20-, 30-, 50- and 65-ft. models in both galvanized wire and stainless steel wire rope
  • Meets OSHA, ANSI, CSA and CE requirements

King-Hughes 515DG50
King-Hughes produces the 515DG50 hog ring and ringer tool designed for the installation of steel mesh.

  • Rings are galvanized to eliminate premature rusting
  • Made of high-strength 15-gauge wire
  • Lightweight tool allows easy operation
  • Eliminates overlapping of mesh panels

PNA HydraCure S16
The HydraCure S16 from PNA Construction Technologies is a durable, single-use curing cover that will not stain concrete.

  • Inorganic fiber enables water to wick evenly across the slab
  • White-pigmented cover reflects heat and direct sunlight to provide 100 percent humidity below the cover

Logo Work Gloves
Logo Work Gloves offers a variety of quality gloves imprinted with your company logo.

  • Constructed with leather
  • Line includes economical B grade glove, reinforced palm and thumb gloves, fleece-lined winter gloves, welding gloves and top-grain leather driving glove

Enviro-System Chute Bag
Enviro-System's Chute Bag solves the problem of disposing of concrete waste.

  • Small, compact and easy to open
  • Holds up to 3 cu. ft.
  • Lined or unlined
  • Small enough to move by hand

H.D. Hudson sprayer
The Spray Thick Curing Compound Sprayer from H.D. Hudson has been redesigned with several new features.

  • Specifically designed for spraying thicker, solvent-based cures and sealers, as well as lighter release agents or other materials
  • Field-proven to spray up to 35 percent solids
  • Galvanized steel with baked-on Endurall epoxy

Topcon GPT-8203M
The GPT-8203M is designed to expedite layout of formwork, structural components, anchor bolts and other construction elements that require accurate positioning.

  • On-board software and a servo-drive work together to automate point stakeout
  • Reflectorless measurements up to 1,200 meters
  • Can be upgraded to a full robotic unit

Gatorback mortarboard
The Gatorback mortarboard is manufactured with impact-resistant, UV-treated material to keep mortar at optimum workability and consistency.

  • Eliminates time wasted on retempering of wooden mortarboards
  • Weighs 5.5 lbs.

Ground Heaters insulation blanket
The Red Wave insulation blanket is designed for use with hydronic ground thawing and concrete curing applications.

  • Thin polymer/aluminum laminate is reflective to direct heat downward and conductive to transmit heat laterally
  • Lateral heat distribution reduces frost islands that can be left between hoses of hydronic heating equipment during thawing
  • Each 6- by 125-ft. blanket weighs 55 lbs.

Con X portable compressor
The X AIR SC70 portable rotary screw compressor can operate a 60- or 90-lb. class breaker.

  • Delivers 70 cfm at 100 psi
  • 18-hp Honda V-twin engine with manual and electric start
  • Automatic speed control
  • Detachable 5.5-gal. fuel tank
  • Weighs 298 lbs.
  • Doesn't require towing

B & G sprayer
B & G Equipment Company offers the Model 603 Concrete Professional Sprayer.

  • Heavy-density polyethylene tank resists breaking, leaking and corrosion
  • Braided, reinforced chemical-resistant hose
  • Wide-mouth funnel top for easy filling and pouring
  • Shut-off valve with Lock On/Lock Off features

Leica Geosystems self-leveling lasers
The Rugby 300 single-grade and Rugby 400 dual-grade automatic self-leveling construction lasers are fully compatible with Leica Geosystems machine control systems.

  • Rugby 300 provides -5 to +25 percent grade control in a single axis
  • Rugby 400 provides -5 to +25 percent in either axis and -5 to +15 percent in both axes
  • Rugby 400 also offers optional hand-held remote control

Terra-Lume from LaneLight Systems is custom-fit lighting for concrete driveways and paths.

  • Can be installed on fresh concrete with flush-mount track or attached to existing concrete
  • Designed to work even if run over by heavy vehicles
  • Track can be easily cut to follow curves on paths or driveways
  • Lights come in a variety of colors and shades

Mi-T-M generators
The 12,000- and 13,000-watt series features Honda OHV or Subaru OHV engines offering low oil shutdown and electric start.

  • Reinforced 1.25-in. powder-coated steel tube frame with integrated center-balanced lifting hook
  • 120V/240V alternator
  • Also feature an easy access control panel, 11.5-gal. fuel tank, idle control, voltmeter, hour meter and four pneumatic tires

Honda Inverter generators
The i-Pro and i-Deluxe generators are available in 5,000- and 6,500-watt models featuring a clean, stable sine wave for sensitive electronics.

  • 33 percent reduction in size and weight
  • EcoThrottle load-dependent throttle system for reduced noise and emissions with up to 30 percent increase in fuel economy
  • 120/240 dual voltage with a selector switch

Sokkia Auto Level C310
The Sokkia C310 construction grade, automatic level features 26X magnification.

  • Includes high-visibility fitted SE35 carrying case with shoulder strap, plumb bob, tool kit, lens cap and rain cover
  • Also available in kit with 8-ft. rod and aluminum tripod

ProFlex kneeling pads
Ergodyne offers 1-in. thick ProFlex kneeling pads for knee protection.

  • Available in three sizes: 14 by 21 in., 16 by 28 in. and 18 by 36 in.
  • Thick, closed-cell foam rubber that will not compression set
  • Resistant to petroleum products and other liquids

I-Met MetGuard
The Weinbrenner Thorogood I-Met MetGuard provides an internal metatarsal guard completely integrated with the steel toe cap of work footwear.

  • Permanently locked in place with no attachments, tape or rivets needed
  • Flexes with the foot to maintain all-day comfort