MP550 Material Placer

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Debuting at the World of Concrete 2015, the MP550 material placer is capable of handling a wide variety of concrete slumps and dry materials

  • 35-ft.-long Swing Conveyor can pivot 170 degrees and features a hinge point near the tail pulley for clearing barrier walls or other obstructions
  • High capacity Transfer and Swing Conveyors
  • Hopper can hold 5.5 cu. yds.
  • Hopper front "flog gate" with hydraulically adjustable rubber seal to eliminate concrete loss while dumping
  • Hopper is available with hydraulically adjustable front pusher rollers
  • Hopper front lip is 23 in. off the ground
  • Tier 4 Interim engine
  • Eco-Mode reduces fuel consumption up to 35%
  • Tire over track design
  • Four wheels with high flotation tires
  • Four-wheel-drive with acumen
  • Dual axle steering with 12-ft. inside turning radius


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