Toro Swivel Mud Buggy

Unit includes a redesigned 16-cu.-ft. tub and an innovative swivel feature.

Toro Swivel Mud Buggy 3
Toro 10877839

The Swivel Mud Buggy is built on the same frame as the MB TX 2500 Tracked Mud Buggy but features a redesigned tub that enables it to swivel 180°, allowing users to dump materials anywhere between the 180° angle.

  • Weighs approximately 1,575 lbs., is powered by a 25-hp Kohler Confidant engine and can carry up to 2,500 lbs. of material in its 16-cu.-ft. tub
  • Thicker 3/8-in. polyethylene tub material can tackle material such as sand, rock, mulch or even cement
  • Swivel switch travels with the right-hand control handle, allowing safe, efficient machine operation while simultaneously swiveling the tub
  • Auto-return dump feature eliminates the need for the operator to wait for the tub to return to the traveling position
  • Reaches transport speeds of up to 6 mph in forward and 3 mph in reverse
  • Rugged Endless Kevlar-reinforced tracks offer optimal traction for a range of terrain and conditions
  • Includes convenient service points for routine maintenance and belts, hydraulics, battery and engine compartment are all easily accessible
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