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Since 1936, the KORODUR organization has been specializing in the production of hard mineral materials for laying heavy-duty, cementitious industrial flooring. To date, far more than 550 million m² of KORODUR industrial flooring have been laid worldwide.

KORODUR Westphal Hartbeton GmbH & Co. KG was founded by Werner Westphal in Berlin on 13 February 1936. In 1969, the KORODUR group of companies was transferred into the ownership of the Heckmann family. In 1978, KORODUR shifted its headquarters from Berlin to the town of Amberg in Bavaria.

From the outset, KORODUR was active abroad, with a worldwide export segment making up around 50% today. The KORODUR Group maintains long-term, successful export relations that are conducted with dedication. Together with KORODUR International GmbH, founded in 1976, KORODUR has established a distribution network across all the continents. Today, business relationships exist with more than 40 countries!

Since 2012, KORODUR has been an exclusive licensing partner for Europe for the production and sales of the Rapid Set® products that have had a proven track record in the USA for about 40 years. According to the manufacturer, they have had a successful breakthrough on the building materials market. For this multi-functional repair system has numerous advantages over conventional restoration mortars in respect of processing, stability and durability.

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