Bon Introduces New Line of Forged Masonry Trowels

Keystone Forged Trowels by Bon are strong and flexible.

Bon Keystone Forged Trowels

Bon’s offering of contractor-grade hand tools has been expanded with a line of forged steel masonry trowels marketed under the label Keystone Forged Masonry Trowels by Bon. The blade and shank of the new trowels are precision forged from a single piece of specially formulated carbon steel, making them consistently strong throughout.

The production of this trowel sets a new performance standard for masons. Unlike trowels which are welded, the forging process of Bon’s Keystone Forged Trowels eliminates any internal voids in the blade. This makes a stronger blade that will not weaken and crack. In addition the blade is heat tempered to provide uniform hardness.

The blades are hand polished which is another manufacturing process that benefits contractors. This method of polishing creates a blade surface that resists sliding and this means the mortar stays centered even as the mason is moving the tool from the mortar board to the wall.  Mason’s further benefit from the flexibility of the Keystone Forged Trowels. Each is tapered ground to provide elasticity over the whole blade.  It is the elasticity and flexibility of the trowel that protects workers’ joints and reduces fatigue.

Bon’s Keystone Forged Masonry Trowels are available in Narrow London, Wide London and Philadelphia patterns in four handle types. There are over 45 new Keystone Forged Masonry Trowels by Bon.

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