Cemen Tech CONNECT Uses Technology to Slash Downtime

Web-based mobile video platform provides Cemen Tech users with free real-time field support.

The Cemen Tech Connect App can be downloaded from the Android or Apple app stores.
The Cemen Tech Connect App can be downloaded from the Android or Apple app stores.
Cemen Tech

Cemen Tech CONNECT—an exclusive web-based video technical support system is available at no cost to Cemen Tech equipment owners, this mobile platform provides a direct real-time video connection for customers to field support experts with multi-party video calling, 2-way screen annotation and content sharing capabilities.

Cemen Tech CONNECT allows real-time video field support at the push of a button. Users are immediately connected to a field support expert via live video calling, who can then assist with troubleshooting, part identification, field evaluations and more. Live multi-party video calling gives users the ability to share content (pictures, video, parts manuals, etc.) across multiple screens, and on-screen annotation allows users to draw, point or circle right on the screen for simplified communication. Field support experts can then provide information for any necessary parts or problem resolution.

“One of the biggest challenges in providing phone support to customers is ensuring a common understanding of the issue," says Connor Deering, CEO/President of Cemen Tech. Cemen Tech CONNECT allows our technical experts to visually be in the field with our customers, to understand problems faster, outline routine maintenance procedures and provide the information and support necessary to get our customers back up and running. Cemen Tech CONNECT makes it feel like they are right there with you.”

Cemen Tech is the first manufacturer in the volumetric market to offer real-time video support services. Cemen Tech CONNECT is available exclusively—and at no cost—to Cemen Tech users as a value added service, and can be downloaded from the Apple or Android  app stores on your preferred mobile device.