See Cemen Tech's Latest in Volumetric Concrete Mixer Tech at World of Concrete 2021

On-demand service tech platform helps reduce downtime with remote field support. Productivity software to connect your office, dispatch, and customers to manage your concrete business with less risk and more profit.

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There is nothing like testing out the real thing. This year at World of Concrete, Cemen Tech are allowing attendees to put their hands on some of the most intuitive, user-friendly technology applications available for volumetric concrete mixers. Throughout the event, Cemen Tech will be offering demonstrations and hands-on testing of Cemen Tech CONNECT and ACCU-POUR™ software platforms. 

Demonstrations will be conducted in West Hall booth #1725 starting June 8 and continuing through June 10.

“Downtime and waste are killers for most businesses. That is why we offer technology to help reduce both – less downtime with your equipment and more accurate tracking of your concrete,” says Connor Deering, Cemen Tech President and CEO. “Our technology products surround you and your fleet of volumetric mixers with vital resources and tools to keep you moving.” 

More about the technology at World of Concrete 2021: 

CONNECTThis video support platform is your best tool for quick problem solving. With your smart phone, desktop or tablet hold a live video conversation with a Cemen Tech service technician. That person will help you inspect your volumetric equipment, identify problems and design solutions in real time. They will even help you order replacement parts immediately. 

ACCU-POUR™Our suite of proprietary productivity tools includes both Office and Mobile versions and is compatible with any brand volumetric mixer. Connect your office, dispatch, and fleet in real-time. This next generation technology has over 300,000 yards of concrete poured through it in the last 24 months by ACCU-POUR users around the world. Utilize GPS fleet tracking, electronic scheduling, batch ticketing and up-to-the minute reporting on completed jobs and material usage from a single platform. Check out  

“Adopting new technology can come with some hurdles – like figuring out what’s the best solution for you or even finding time to learn the tools. We’re taking these barriers away by hosting one-on-one demos and helping customers compare products,” says Deering.