The Super Sack Systems V3 Dry Material Hopper

Hold up to 15,000 lbs. of material at the jobsite and move it to your mixer quickly and easily without breaking a sweat - or your back.

The Super Sack Systems V3 Dry Material Hopper
The Super Sack Systems V3 was built to work independently from concrete mixers and placement machines - providing the mobility for contractors to place where needed and to work with the machines they have. Here the Super Sack Systems V3 is working in tandem with Strong Manufacturing's Placer.
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The Super Sack Systems V3 attachment by Strong Manufacturing, was designed to reduce the labor cost of moving dry material to your concrete mixer quickly and easily. Built as an independent unit, the Super Sack V3 can work on new or old machines with a hydraulically assisted two-piece pivoting auger. With a 15,000 lb. capacity, it can do the equivalent of dropping four bags of mix all in 30 seconds - saving time, enhancing productivity, and sparing a lot of back-breaking manual labor. The Super Sack Systems V3 Dry Material HopperThe Super Sack Systems V3Strong Manufacturing


  • Arm includes a flexible drop dust sock to help control dust
  • Hydraulicly assisted
  • Diesel powered
  • Mobile setup
  • 15,000 lb. capacity
  • Reduce labor cost

The Super Sack V3 includes enhancements from previous versions like a larger capacity hopper, diesel-powered engine, and the two-piece pivoting 9 ft. long auger that folds for convenient storage and transport.


  • Engine: Tier 4 final industrial diesel engine, complete with safety switches, hour meter, and tachometer, engine cowling with replaceable air filter, 12-volt dc electric start
  • Material Handling System: Hydraulically powered dual feed auger setup, Cylinder assisted paired with actuator
  • Frame: Heavy-duty rectangular tubing frame, Four stabilizing jacks with spring assist, Dual Fork slots for ease of transportation
  • Dimensions: 85 in. long by 68 in. wide by 82 in. high
  • Auger extends out to 9 ft., and 14 ft. high from the downspout to ground
  • Optional: With the versatile setup you can easily operate the V3 with your pump using the loss of weight method or the batching hopper method

The Super Sack System

The Super Sack Systems V1 Dry Material HopperThe Super Sack Systems V1Strong ManufacturingStrong Manufacturing's Super Sack System includes the V1.

  • Heavy-duty rectangular tubing frame: 90 in. long by 109 in. wide by 76 in. high
  • Gas-powered engine, featuring safety switches, hour meter, tachometer, and a 12-volt DC electric start
  • 5-yard capacity
  • Hydraulically powered dual feed auger setup
  • Easy transportation with integrated forklift slots
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