Allen 4836B Bridge Deck Finisher

Allen's Bridge Deck Finisher concrete paver features all hydraulic controls and a dual-roller finishing carriage.

Allen is pleased to announce the expansion of their Allen Concrete Pavers line with the introduction of the all new Model 4836B Bridge Deck Finisher (BDF). This bridge deck finisher features all hydraulic controls powering the mainframe and the dual-roller finishing carriage making it more user-friendly than previous models. The 4836B BDF incorporates durability, functionality and quality that contractors look for in their equipment.

4836B Bridge Deck Finisher standard features include:

  • 25 horse power engines powering the mainframe and the finishing carriage
  • 36" deep mainframe
  • Manual crank legs
  • Dual 8" diameter x 48" long finishing rollers
  • 5" hydraulic carriage lift
  • Hydraulic-controlled roller tamper
  • Single drag pan with burlap drag

Allen is also launching an all new Model 6048B Bridge Deck Finisher incorporating many of the same features as the 4836B.

Allen Engineering will also be at World of Concrete 2010 showcasing the Model 4836B BDF in action. Visitors will be able to run the Model 4836B BDF as well as the complete line of Allen Finishing and Paving Equipment outside in the Silver lot in Booth #O30623 at WOC '10.

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