Minnich Auto Vibe
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The Auto Vibe vibrator monitoring systems for paving machines can monitor, control and program hydraulic vibrator speeds during the paving process for optimal concrete surface results.

  • Auto Vibe II monitors up to 62 hydraulic vibrators during paving, recording and displaying real-time data that can be used to ensure proper vibrator operation
  • Readings recorded by time, distance traveled or at the push of a button
  • Reports can be generated after the data is imported from a USB drive
  • Can be installed on any new or existing hydraulic vibrator system
  • Auto Vibe III monitors and records VPM data with the added feature of controlling and maintaining the vibrator vibrations per minute (vpm) at the monitor instead of at the manifold
  • Monitor communicates with the manifold once vpm speed is set and automatically makes adjustments to maintain desired speeds
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