Cretebox Portable Materials Hoppers

Seal aggregates inside a weatherproof containment unit designed for ship, rail and road transport

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Portare’s Aggregate Supply System (FRACBOX, AGGBOX, CRETEBOX) seals aggregate materials inside a weatherproof containment unit throughout its journey to the plant. The intermodal container is built on a standard ISO container frame to move from ship to rail to road without the contents ever having to be rehandled.

  • Pneumatically or gravity loaded and discharged via power take off units
  • 20 ft. or 40 ft. long X 3 ft. wide X 8.5 ft. high
  • 20-ton or 50-ton capacity
  • 9,600 lb. tare weight for 20-ft. models
  • Crane, forklift or roll-off handling systems

2015 World of Concrete booth No. N1270

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