The Blend A240 Mobile Mixing Plant

The Blend A240 Mobile Mixing Plant
Blend Plants' A240 Mobile Mixing Plant
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Featuring a high-production capacity and total hydraulic and electrical autonomy, the versatile Blend Mobile A240 Plant can be transported easily on a standard low-loader truck without additional mounting operations. The Blend A240 allows the installation of up to six aggregate hoppers on the machine with a capacity of 11 to 14 yd3 for the production of concrete, cold asphalt, cementitious mixtures, roller compacted concrete, and recycled concrete.

  • Transportable on a standard low-loader truck
  • Maximum granulometry aggregate size: 2.3 in.
  • Onboard PLC controls dosing of water, emulsion, and additives
  • Remote control system provides complete management of production

The Blend A240 Mobile Mixing PlantBlend Plants' A240 Mobile Mixing PlantBlend Plants

How It Works

Aggregate is transferred from the hoppers to the main conveyor belt, to the twin shaft mixer, by means of variable speed extractor belts. Aggregate, cement, and additive dosing are done by negative weighing providing accuracy and reliable measurement. Water, emulsion, and other additives are electronically controlled by electronic flow meters connected to the onboard PLC. GPS and remote control systems allow you to have complete management information regarding production and stock levels at all times. 

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