ACPA Releases New Safety Materials

The American Concrete Pumping Association released new and updated safety materials on the use of lay-flat hoses and guidelines regarding wind velocity and lighting.

ACPA Releases New Safety Materials
American Concrete Pumping Association
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The American Concrete Pumping Association (ACPA) has released new and updated safety materials to fulfill its ongoing mission of Promoting safe concrete pumping practices.

Lay Flat Hose

ACPA Releases New Safety MaterialsAmerican Concrete Pumping AssociationThe first item, Safety Bulletin: Use of Lay Flat Hose, identifies and illustrates the handling guidelines for using ng lay-flat hoses on the job. 

Lay-flat hoses allow for improved flow control and lower placement rates than standard concrete boom tip hoses and are a popular accessory when pumping is required in tight spaces such as ICF forms, columns, and walls.

“It is important for concrete pumpers and concrete contractors to understand the differences between lay-flat and standard boom tip hose applications,” says Executive Director Christi Collins. “Although similar, each have specific guidelines that should be followed for their respective uses. This new safety bulletin responds to a need in the industry for increased education when using lay-flat hoses to avoid certain hazards, such as kinking, which can cause a hose whipping. Hose whippings are a leading cause of accidents with a concrete pump.”

The new safety bulletin complements the association’s extensive safety library and is available for download on the association’s website Safety/Training page:

Wind Velocity & Lightning

Next, the ACPA updated two of its Safety Guidelines for Wind Velocity and Lightning. These guidelines outline the ACPA’s recommended practices in severe-weather events and more.

Wind Velocity reflects changes to previous generic guidelines and defers more specifically to the pump’s manufacturer; Lightning expands on the definition of determining when to stop pumping operations when lighting is present and when it’s safe to re-start. 

The Safety Bulletin: Use of Lay Flat Hose and Safety Guidelines for Wind Velocity and Lighting, are available for download on the association website at

ACPA Releases New Safety MaterialsAmerican Concrete Pumping Association

Continually updating safety resources is part of ACPA’s mission to foster and promote a positive safety culture within the concrete pumping industry. For additional resources on general safety, visit the ACPA’s Safety/Training page, where safety materials are easy to find, and many are available for download at no cost. In addition, the ACPA’s online catalog,, has materials available for purchase.