SP Model Trailer Pumps

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SP model trailer pumps are available with electric motor options and come in trailer, skid, split cell or truck mount configurations.

  • Schwing trailer pumps include the mechanical ball-valve SP 88 with 25-cu.-yd./hour output and 31-hp engine, and the SP 160 and 260 hydraulic ball-valve pumps with up to 70-cu.-yd./hour output and 68-hp engines.
  • SP 305 transfer tube pump with 30-cu.-yd./hour output and 48hp engine 
  • SP 500, SP750-15 ,SP 750-18 and SP 1000 with up to 70-cu.-yd./hour output and Long Rock Valve standard
  • SP 1000 HP with 35-cu.-yd./hour output, high-pressure Rock Valve and 133-hp engine
  • SP 4800 with up to 106-cu.-yd./hour output and 384-hp engine
  • SP 8800 with 152-cu.-yd./hour output, 590-hp engine and up to 2,920-psi concrete pressure 
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