LD100 Concrete Placing System

Fcp Line Dragon 11173308

The updated, remote-controlled Line Dragon Concrete Placing System increases safety and reduces labor costs by replacing the need for workers to drag and manipulate the concrete pump line and placing boom.

  • Placer drags the end of the concrete delivery line and places the concrete while the Dragger is hooked 20 ft. back carrying excess line and keeping it out of the pouring area
  • Allows two men to handle 60 to 80 ft. of 4-in. hose or 40 to 50 ft. of 5-in. hose
  • 1,200-lb. system is light enough to place on decking, suspended rebar mesh and just about anything you can walk on
  • All-wheel steer and all-wheel drive allowing the machines to travel forward, backward, left, right and oblique
  • Placing boom swings 360°
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