Spotlight: Power Trowels May 2007

Choose your trowels wisely - proper troweling will help you achieve a strong, smooth, attractive surface for your client.

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Hydra Drive 560

  • Full 12-in.-wide "stretch" frame with 18-in. spacing between the pans
  • Features two 5-ft.-diameter six-bladed rotors, Generation III all-hydraulic proportional joystick power steering, powered pitch control and built-in cruise control in the seat frame
  • 99-hp Kubota diesel engine
  • Allen Engineering Corp.


F-Series Power Trowels

  • Direct-drive gearcase and a lower center of gravity
  • 30-, 36- and 46-in. diameters
  • Fully enclosed spider assembly to protect the blade-arm and pitch-
  • control components

  • Electric deadman switch
  • Arrow-Master, Inc.


BG70 Ride-on Trowel

  • Nonoverlapping, double trowel can be equipped with blades or pans
  • 70-in. working width
  • Powered by a Honda GX620 engine rated at 20 hp at 3,600 rpm
  • Provides a 70- to 150-rpm blade rotation speed
  • Relatively light weight allows early floating with discs
  • Dynapac Concrete<


CF-484 Trowel

  • 48-in. trowel features fine-tuned pitch control or optional ProPitch
  • Four combination or finished blades
  • Extra-strong cast iron spider
  • Available with an 11-hp Honda, 11-hp Robin or 13-hp Honda engine
  • Dyna-Clutch system stops blade rotation without shutting off the engine
  • Heavy-duty reinforced multiple tube handle
  • Stone Construction Equipment<


Whiteman B and J Series Trowels

  • Four B Series models (46-in. ring diameters) and six J Series models (36-in. ring diameters)
  • Rotor speeds from 60 to 155 rpm
  • Ergonomic throttle control, lifting bail and rugged spider assembly for extended life
  • Quick-Pitch or standard handles
  • Multiquip Inc. <


HT-S4C Power Trowel

  • Quiet, low emissions 31cc Honda 4-cycle engine
  • Weighs 45 lbs.
  • Fingertip pitch and speed controls
  • Telescoping handle
  • HoverTrowel, Inc.


Variable-speed Trowels

  • Three models with variable transmission system provide a 20- to 200-rpm speed range
  • Two 36-in.-diameter models with 8-hp Honda or 9-hp Wacker engines, and one 48-in. model with a 13-hp Honda engine
  • Feature a Gyroscopic safety sensor, gearbox brake and engine limiter

  • Pro-Shift pitch control with 0° to 30° pitch control range
  • Low vibration handle option
  • Wacker Corp.


WT Series Trowels

  • 5 models in the walk-behind trowel series


  • Screw pitch control adjusts blade angle
  • Quick-release safety lever
  • Four-cycle Honda engines
  • Options include 36-in. float pan, quick-change combo, finish or float blades and two-wheel trowel dolly
  • Ingersoll Rand Co.


Walk-behind Trowels

  • Four-blade, Honda-powered trowels available in 36- or 46-in.-diameter guard rings with power options ranging from 5.5 to 11 hp
  • Finish from 7 to 11.5 sq. ft. of concrete per revolution
  • Standard handle with star wheel for precise adjustment or optional Quick-Adjust handle
  • Fingertip throttle control
  • Stow Division of Multiquip<


Bartell Power Trowels

  • Bartell HS90 overlapping, high-speed finishing trowel and Bartell LP95 nonoverlapping, lightweight panning trowel
  • 35-hp air-cooled Briggs & Stratton V-Twin engines
  • Drivetrain comes with continuously variable transmission primary reduction, stock "Powergrip" secondary reduction and heavy-duty worm gear final reduction
  • Terex Light Construction


Tibroc Remote Control Trowel

  • 360° control of both direction and pitch up to 35°
  • Covers 40 in. per pass and finishes up to 80 yds. per day
  • Four trowel spiders with 1 to 120 rpm per spider
  • Dual gyroscopes for stability
  • Powered by a 2.5-hp, 50cc Honda four-stroke engine
  • White Cap Construction Supply