Wagman Metal Products GHP LP230 Power Trowel

Wagman’s LP230 is not only a power trowel, but also a polishing machine.

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The GHP LP230 is a highly maneuverable, versatile, compact ride-on polishing machine that comes with planetary polishing attachments and a lifting/wheel kit. With a path of 30" x 63", the unit can easily fit through a standard 32-in. doorway and into a pickup truck bed.

  • Twin planetary processing action makes it suited for grinding, honing and polishing
  • Uses PRODIACC pads featuring a long-lasting, high-performance, quick-change diamond system
  • Low center of gravity
  • CARB- and EPA-certified propane power system complies with OSHA indoor air emissions (less than 1% carbon monoxide)
  • Includes multiple secure lift points and an adjustable seat 

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