Husqvarna Hipertrowel Floor Polishing System

An industrial concrete floor polishing system for power trowels.

Husqvarna Hipertrowel Action
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The Husqvarna Hipertrowel system was designed for contractors who need to polish a large, unobstructed and relatively flat area quickly. The trowel is ideal for industrial floors from 5,000 sq. ft. and up. Both newly poured slabs and older, pre-existing floors can be processed with the system.

The Hipertrowel system is a six-step wet polishing process along with three optional final steps. In addition to a power trowel, a complete set-up includes Husqvarna Hiperflex TRW tool pads, chemicals, Hipertrowel gryo drivers, power trowel attachments, a squeegee vacuum (such as the Pullman-Holt 45-20P with squeegee kit), and a hose connected to a tap. For maintenance, Husqvarna recommends the Husqvarna Hiperclean pad.

Both the Hipertrowel gyro driver and Hiperflex TRW tool pads are designed for maximum flexiblity in all directions. This allows the diamond tool pucks to follow the floor surface in the high and low spots and create a homogenous salt and pepper finish. Strong magnets securely mount Hiperflex TRW tool pads underneath the Hipertrowel gyro drivers.

The Hipertrowel system performs best when:

  • Time is the most critical parameter
  • The surface is 5,000 sq. ft. or more
  • There are no obstacles (pillars, etc.)
  • The floor does not need to be leveled
  • No aggregate needs to be exposed
  • Wet grinding and cleanup is not an issue
  • A sufficient slurry management system is on site

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