OmniPoly Power Trowel Blade

Control dark burnish-mark surface on new interior concrete floor installations using OmniPoly non-rusting, continuous bottom poly power trowel blades for quality control.

Omnipoly Blade
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Interior aesthetically-desired exposed concrete floors have become popular because of the sustainability and advanced decorative products and processes now available. Traditionally, interior concrete surfaces have been carefully hand finished (labor intensive), power troweled with steel blades leaving dark burnish marks from the (carbon) steel, or not completely finished to a hard surface.

While power trowels reduce the labor costs of installations and create a much flatter floor, there early generation poly blades have voids on the bottom (finishing surface) that can be a reservoir for paste and fine aggregate that can fall out during the final finishing, which will scratch the surface. A continuous bottom blade reduces the risk of scratches.

  • Designed for walk-behind and ride-on power trowels
  • Rigid main body produces a hard uniform finish free of dark burnish marks.
  • Non-rusting materials are easy to clean and handle.
  • Flexible thick ends reduce trowel marks.
  • Compact shipping and storage.
  • Long-lasting materials mean fewer blade changes and lower labor costs.
  • Quiet and forgiving
  • Continuous bottom with no recessed area for particle buildup that could later fall out and cause scratches.
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