C&W DustTech Acquires Superior Air Products

Partnership expands opportunities to drive greater value for customers and individual markets.


C&W DustTech announced that they have acquired Superior Air Products, a producer of high efficiency, custom-built clean air technology products for a broad range of industrial and manufacturing markets. With a shared focus on clear air technologies, this partnership opens new opportunities for both businesses to leverage their collective strengths to further serve their customers and individual markets.

C&W and Superior Air Products will continue to operate as separate entities and continue to provide its customers with the high-quality clean air technologies they have come to expect. C&W will remain focused on heavy industry including Ready Mix, Concrete Production, Aggregates, Mining and Minerals and Primary Metals. Superior Air will continue to serve Industrial and Manufacturing markets.

Both companies will be led by Bill Werra, President of C&W DustTech, who will also hold the role of President & CEO of Superior Air Products.

Founded nearly a decade ago by Jim Orr, Superior Air Products serves industrial customers in the Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial and Manufacturing arena with a range of air filtration products including downdraft tables, dust collectors, welding hoods and ambient air systems.  Jim will continue to maintain an ownership interest in the company, serve as its general manager and lead all sales efforts for the company. Together, both Bill Werra and Jim Orr will drive company strategy. 

“Partnering with Superior Air allows us to apply our collective knowledge of filtration and separation technologies to continuously improve and innovate our products and services for our individual customers and markets,” said Bill Werra. “Both companies have a shared commitment to equip customers with the highest performing dust collection products and solutions in our markets. Our goal is to exceed increasingly stringent operational standards and clean air requirements to produce productive, efficient, healthy and safe work environments.”

Both companies will continue to provide its customers with the high-quality clean air technologies they have come to expect.  Jim Orr, commented “This acquisition creates both a partnership and opportunity that doesn’t distract from our core business. Customers will benefit from new innovations as both businesses strengthen and expand their clean air technologies. Further, all customers will continue be served by the capable and committed teams of both C&W and Superior Air Products.”