Pundit PL-200 for Concrete Testing

Proceq Pundit Pl 200 11267368

The Pundit PL-200 and PL-200PE are designed for non-destructive testing of concrete and other materials such as rock, wood and ceramics.

  • Touchscreen unit: screen features 7-in. color display
  • Dual-core processor 
  • 8 GB Flash memory to store up to 100,000 A-Scans
  • Assessment of concrete uniformity using standard A-Scans and the new Line Scan functionality
  • Determination of compressive strength using ultrasonic pulse velocity correlation or SONREB
  • ?Measurement of surface velocity and depth of perpendicular cracks
  • Real-time access of the measuring screen, multiple trigger modes and zoom for precise determination of
    transmission time
  • Availability of an extensive range of transducers for precise accuracy and a proven track record
  • PL-200PE ultrasonic pulse echo testing: extends application range to objects where access is restricted to a single side
    • Scan Mode allows direct analysis of the raw signal
    • Rreal-time B-Scan Mode provides a cross-sectional view perpendicular to the scanning surfaces
    • Detection and localization of voids, pipes, cracks (parallel to surface), and honeycombing
    • Advanced echo tracking technology to help identify the main echo
    • Control buttons and optical feedback on probe to increase measurement efficiency and user-friendliness
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