Vacuworx Octapad Vacuum Lifting System

Engineered to lift and handle reinforced concrete slabs up to 6 ft. wide by 12 ft. long by 12 in. thick

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Vacuworx has unveiled an eight-pad vacuum lifting system designed for concrete slab removal during road and bridge construction projects. The Octapad is the newest addition to the U.S.A.-based manufacturer’s  line of Vacuworx Lifting Systems. Designed to lift and remove deteriorated concrete slabs from roadways and bridge decks while reducing the need for traditional or labor-intensive methods such as air hammers, hydraulic hammers, drills, cables or slab buckets. The Octapad consists of eight 18” x 24” flat pads with individual vacuum valves that can be shut off when operating directly over a crack or pothole, or for areas of the slab that are too damaged for lifting. The pads are individually mounted to a spreader beam, which in-turn pins to the bottom of the RC Lifter.

  • Designed for use with hydraulic excavators
  • Compatible with the Vacuworx RC 10 Lifter and features a lift capacity of 16,588 lbs.
  • The system is engineered to lift and handle reinforced concrete slabs up to 6’ wide x 12’ long x 12” thick
  • The Octapad features a 360-degree hydraulic rotator and a wireless remote operation, allowing for maneuvering in confined spaces
  • Optional features including a quick coupler adapter and a LED Night Light Package are available
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